3 Best Online Roulette Strategies

If you have already tried to find the best ideas on how to win at online roulette, then you have probably come across websites that tell about magic strategies that guarantee winnings in web casinos. But in reality, these tactics do not work, and if you use them in the long run, you are likely to lose the entire bankroll.

This article tells about other online roulette strategies. We do not claim that with their help you will turn roulette into a machine for making money. Unfortunately, this is not possible, since casino live online roulette always has a statistical advantage over the players. However, this does not mean at all that you cannot play effectively, having a real chance of winning and at the same time enjoying the game. We believe, that these 3 ideas will improve your gaming style.

1.  How volatility can help you to bet

This term is used to describe the frequency of possible gambling wins and the size of individual wins:

  • High volatility means that you will not win very often, but the reward will be larger.
  • With low volatility. You win more often, but the size of the winnings is usually small.
  • Average volatility is something between high and low ones.

The least volatile “standard” bets are equal odds ones. If you win online roulette, your initial bet doubles, and the chances are 18 to 37. These ones are placed on red/black or large/small numbers. So, the best ideas in terms of efficiency and expected returns are strategies with placing bets with high volatility.

2.  Fixed bet strategy

The most volatile bet is placed on the same number. The payout ratio is 1 to 36, and according to statistics, you win only once in 37 spins. As the name implies, the tactic prescribes placing the same number, while the size of the bet also remains unchanged. Depending on your preferences, a fixed rate strategy may be your ideal option when playing online roulette live.

3.  Reverse martingale

You may have heard of a strategy called Martingale, which is pretty well known and prescribes placing chips on equal chances with a constant doubling of the chips` size in case of loss. Unfortunately, it does not work. Reverse martingale works the other way: you raise every time you win. Thanks to this, a random series of successful rounds lead to potentially huge wins.

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